I had the pleasure of seeing and holding a custom ring by German Kabirski in person. His craftsmanship is exquisite and is equal parts art and function.

He works primarily with my favourite materials - silver and gold. But he uses it in such a raw way that wraps around gems without the constraints traditional concepts of beauty. His pieces are unique, raw, and most importantly wild. 

One of the coolest parts of this particular ring were the divots on the back side of the ring (see second photo below). Like a golf ball, he had drilled small air pockets into the metal which improve the breathability of the ring. This means that the wearability of the ring is much longer than normal as your finger will not sweat or swell. which would happen you where to wear a normal ring of this size. Such beautiful craftsmanship. These are my #jewelrygoals.

Check out his work here:


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